Music & Concerts

The law imposes a maximum noise level of 105 dB during concerts and in night clubs, but even at this level, just 45 minutes of exposure is enough to damage your hearing!
It is therefore important to protect yourself. In this category, you will find our selection of musicians’ ear plugs with filters by the biggest brands: Etymotic, Alpine, Macks, Quies, Pacato...

Active filters

Ear plugs for musicians and music lovers:

After performing in concerts, musicians may experience an unpleasant feeling or ringing in their ear canal.

This is down to the varied noise levels and different sounds they hear on the day. To remedy this problem, ear plug manufacturers have developed ear plugs specifically for musicians, to protect their hearing and enable them to enjoy the same sound quality as those not wearing ear plugs.

How does it work?

It’s simple. These aren’t just any ordinary ear plugs: they have an acoustic filter known as an integrated loudness corrector. Thanks to this technology, you can enjoy music while protecting your hearing.
The sound reproduction is simply perfect.

Otherwise, for those with sensitive hearing, there are classic ear plugs without a filter.

What are they for?

These ear plugs are aimed especially at musicians and music lovers, and can be used for music festivals or concerts. Some people choose to wear ear defenders (especially children), but for those looking for light, discreet hearing protection, ear plugs with acoustic filters are perfect for this kind of occasion.