Hearing aid batteries

Audilo has been a leading affordable hearing specialist since 2008. We offer a selection of the best hearing aid battery brands: Rayovac Advanced Extra (made in the USA), Earpower (made by Zenipower), PowerOne (made in Germany), Duracell Activair (made in Germany) and PowerOne rechargeable batteries. All these batteries are compatible with hearing aids.

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All hearing aid batteries use zinc-air technology, thus ensuring a fast increase in voltage and fulfilling the needs of the hearing aid. Hearing aid batteries are therefore very specific and only usable with hearing aids (unlike the ‘button’ batteries used for watches).

Size 10 hearing aids are the smallest, and are therefore generally used for discreet hearing aids like ITE hearing aids. The capacity of this hearing aid battery is smaller, due to its reduced size.
The best-selling hearing aid battery in France is the brown size 312 hearing aid battery by Rayovac.
The orange and blue batteries are less common nowadays, but many hearing aid wearers still use them.

Then there are rechargeable batteries: some brands offer rechargeable batteries for hearing aids. They are more expensive to buy.

Here are some precautions to take when you receive your batteries:

  • Keep your battery packets in a dry place at room temperature (without much temperature variation). Use the blister packs provided to store your batteries (do not bring them into contact with metal or water).
  • To guarantee the longest possible battery life, remove the tab and wait a few minutes before inserting the battery into your hearing aid. Try to have the battery drawer cleaned regularly by an audiologist. Finally, clean the bottom of the battery with a cloth to prevent any glue residue from blocking the battery and affecting the flow of oxygen once the tab is removed (especially in the summer or in warm places).

Good to know:
Hearing aid batteries are essential now that wireless devices and Bluetooth systems that consume a lot of energy are becoming more and more frequent.
These batteries provide the energy to make your hearing aid and its accessories work.

So, it is important to choose the right ones. Audilo can help with its trial packs, made up of a packet of each brand (Rayovac, Powerone, Duracell, Earpower, Audilo) in the size of your choice.

Don’t forget to keep your hearing aid in a dry place and leave its battery drawer open at night so as not to waste energy.