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Senior telephone

Discover our full range of easy-to-use amplified telephones for senior citizens and people with a hearing impairment with or without a hearing aid.

Among our selection of wireless, wired and mobile amplified telephones for senior citizens, you are sure to find the right device for your needs and your hearing. Whether you have a hearing impairment or are a senior citizen, there is a range of options available at Audilo: choose the amplification level of the handset (between +20 dB and +60 dB), the number of additional handsets, and the type of telephone. If you are unsure which to choose, consult our guide, which will help you to choose the right senior telephone for you.


  • Senior mobile phones

    Browse our amplified mobile phones and smartphones for senior citizens and people with a hearing impairment.

    These flip phones offer amplification levels of up to +40 dB. You will find specific features like an SOS button, ergonomic design with large buttons and an easy-read screen.
    The menus are simple and easy to use.
    The biggest brands that offer senior mobile phones are all here: Doro, Geemarc, Amplicomms and Kapsys. Contact us for more information.

  • Senior landline phone

    Find the widest range of landline telephones for senior citizens.

    A comprehensive selection of wired landline phones for the home or office, with or without large buttons, and amplification of up to +60 dB.
    Audilo is an official reseller of Doro, Geemarc, Amplicomms, Phonicear and Beafon phones.
    All our phones for people with a hearing impairment are in stock and on display in our Audilo showroom in Paris.

  • Senior phone promotion

    Here you will find all our phone-related products, so that you can keep in touch with your nearest and dearest. You can even treat a loved one to a useful gift at an affordable price.

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Why a senior telephone?

We know that senior citizens have specific needs in terms of communication. Let’s take a look at their telephone needs, first:

  • Communication systems (landline or mobile) must be simple to use with accessible functions. For example, the speed dial buttons should be easily programmable, and the volume buttons should be accessible from the front of the phone.

  • Phones with amplified sound (both ringtone and voice) ensure better hearing and greater comfort (through acoustic filters). The overall aim is to achieve the best possible sound quality to improve comprehension, through both volume and tone adjustment.

  • Easily accessible big buttons will make it easier for senior citizens to dial phone numbers.

  • Mobile phones must be chargeable on a charging base, so that there is no need to connect a cable to a tiny, often inaccessible socket.

  • Screen width is also important, for better readability of incoming phone numbers.

  • What’s more, phones with an SOS button can reassure loved ones by warning the emergency services if the owner needs urgent assistance. This function is known as secure phone or programmable SOS button.

  • Memorisation of the most frequently called numbers by the phone base is another must-have feature, and can take the shape of photo buttons or memory buttons (M1, M2, M3, etc.).

We offer a wide range of senior telephone brands, including: Geemarc, Telefunken, Amplicomms, Doro, Switel, etc.

Let’s take a look at the characteristics of the senior phones offered by Audilo:

There is a vast collection of over one hundred phones for seniors at Audilo. Senior phones are easy to use and offer amplified sound (both ringer and during conversation), emergency call buttons, large buttons and, sometimes, compatibility with induction loops.

Here at Audilo, we are proud to offer the best products in terms of hearing quality so that you don’t feel left out from everyday activities, like staying in touch with loved ones who are far away!

Senior landline phones:

We strive to find the corded and cordless landline telephones that best suit the needs of people with a hearing impairment. This way, we can offer high-quality products with specific functionalities, such as amplified ringtones and sound during conversations (the volume can be adjusted according to your needs).

What’s more, the buttons are designed so that people with a visual impairment can type in numbers without making any mistakes.
We are always trying to make communication easier for people with hearing loss through high-performance phones.

Both the call volume and the ringtone volume are amplified, so that you’ll never miss another call.

Brands such as Amplicomms, Doro and GeeMarc are well known in the field of hearing and communication. They offer different kinds of outstanding, truly effective senior telephones with multiple functionalities.

There are two kinds of landline telephones for senior citizens: the corded landline phone (connected to the wall by a cable, so that you can’t move it or lose it) and the cordless senior landline phone, with which you can communicate from any room in your home.

What’s more, some of our handsets can be paired together, if you make sure they are the same brand. For example, you can buy a base – cordless or otherwise – then complete your purchase with an ‘additional’ handset for another room in your home.

Senior mobile phones:

As part of our mission to fulfil our customers’ needs, Audilo also offers mobile phones and smartphones.

We are inundated with products for senior citizens with the latest technology, but they are often not very easy to use or intuitive. Here at Audilo, we want everyone to have access to cutting-edge technology. We want to give senior citizens simplified access to the latest technology that will fulfil all their needs.

The products we offer are mobile phones with the latest technology and easily adjustable settings, as well as options that ordinary phones do not offer, such as sound amplification.

With this kind of product, people with a hearing impairment can have a crystal-clear conversation anywhere.

Many of Audilo’s senior mobile phones also offer an emergency button, which can be configured with numbers to call in the event of an emergency. So, if you need to contact a loved one urgently, you just need to press a button and the phone will dial their number automatically!

Our senior mobile phones and flip phones are made by the same brands as our landline phones (GeeMarc, Telefunken, Doro). All in all, these are simple products that are easy to set up and available in various colours for senior citizens.

Additional products

To make sure you don’t miss another call, especially if you have hearing loss, Audilo offers simple, practical additional products that can be added to your senior phone easily.

For example, if you want to be alerted by a light when someone is calling, there are various light indicators available, like the RingFlash 100 or AmpliCall 10.
These additional products are to be connected to the base of your phone.

When someone calls, the device will give off a bright light signal, as well as an amplified ringtone (almost 95 decibels!).