Sound Oasis Tinnitus S680

Sound Oasis Tinnitus S680-02 Sound Therapy for Tinnitus

Sound Oasis, world leader in sound therapy and electronic sleep masks, offers you its latest technology. The new S680 offers you a selection of sounds chosen for tinnitus reduction; you can personalise the sound card with your choices.

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Sound Oasis S680 Tinnitus

What is tinnitus ?

Tinnitus detects the tiniest sounds such as a simple click, purring or even ringing.

Functions :

How does Sound Oasis help you ?

Sound therapy is proven to be an effective source of tinnitus relief. The sounds used are specifically chosen by hearing professionals to naturally reduce your tinnitus. In fact white noise makes it possible to mask your tinnitus and get used to it. Furthermore, more generally, it will help you relax and drift off to sleep in no time.

Characteristics :

Sound Oasis product innovation :

  • 24 sounds available to help you manage your tinnitus and get the sleep you need.
  • Sounds chosen by hearing professionals to treat the very personal nature of tinnitus.
  • Patented technology to improve sleep.
  • Seamlessly and gradually slows down the playback speed to gently fall asleep.
  • Professional digitally reproduced recorded sounds with CD quality sound.
  • Exclusive customisable sounds: Simply download new sounds or order a custom sound card from the Sound Oasis website.
  • Chime alarm sound - No more annoying ringing.
  • Backlit Alarm Clock: Wake up to the selected sound or chime
  • Includes brightness control (3 brightness levels, plus off).
  • Standby mode with automatic shut-off, continuous playback or automatic shut-off after 30, 60 or 90 minutes.
  • Works with the supplied international mains adapter or with 4 AA batteries (not supplied).
  • The international plug adapter has removable plugs for the United States, Europe, and Asia.
  • Headphone jack for personal use with headphones or pillows.
  • Outstanding sound quality: Sleep and nature sounds are now of higher quality than a CD to immerse yourself in a relaxing sound and fall asleep

Use :

Continuous sleep enhancement experience :
Patented sleep enhancement is even more effective with advanced sound treatment, so you don't even notice the sounds gradually slowing down, allowing you to gently slip into restful sleep.

Custom sound cards :

  • Choose your perfect combination from up to 24 sleep and relaxation sounds perfectly designed by Sound Oasis
  • Download your choices on your own SD card or request a personalised mix to be sent in the post. Click here to create your own personalised sound card.

Improved clock and alarm setting functions. It's easier than ever to set up your sleep sound system

The S680 sound generator has a new, more elegant style with a black matt finish.

USB powered, if you misplace your adapter, your new white noise machine can be powered by a standard USB cable.

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