Hearing comfort

Audilo offers senior citizens and people with a hearing impairment solutions to improve or boost their hearing day to day, thanks to a wide range of accessories.
Hearing amplifiers provide extra hearing comfort for day-to-day activities.
Sennheiser, Geemarc, Amplicomms wireless headphones for watching television, as well as amplified doorbells (+95 dB), vibrating amplified alarm clocks, vibrating fire alarms for senior citizens and induction loops for people with a hearing impairment.

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Ease of use and listening comfort:

Some people suffer from hearing loss and do not necessarily need hearing aids, but use products that can improve their hearing day to day.

As Audilo is a hearing specialist, our team’s goal is to fulfil our customers’ hearing needs.
That is why we offer a wide range of hearing assistance products (see below):

Assistive listening devices:

We offer a selection of assistive listening devices that suit our customers’ needs.
You will find all the leading assistive listening device brands, including Tinteo, Phonak, Conversor and Sarabec.

Choose from a wide range of products that suit different hearing needs.

Why an assistive listening device?

Assistive listening devices aim to eliminate all bothersome noise around you so that you can concentrate on what the speaker is saying.

What’s more, some assistive listening devices are suitable for wearers of hearing aids or cochlear implants with the T position.

Assistive listening devices are not medical devices, so they can be used by anyone who wants to improve their hearing.

How to use an assistive listening device:

This product is easy to use, lightweight and portable. You can take it anywhere with you. Most assistive listening devices run on batteries.

Here are some situations in which an assistive listening device could improve your hearing: church, theatre, cinema, lecture, etc.

Other hearing assistance products:

Alarm clocks:

We also offer amplified vibrating alarm clocks for senior citizens and people with a hearing impairment.
We know our customers lead all sorts of different lives, so we have adapted our products to those who travel a lot, with the portable alarm clock, and those who stay at home, with the fixed alarm clock.

Baby monitors:

Hearing your baby when they need you is essential for parents.
For parents with hearing problems, there are vibrating baby monitors with extra sound amplification. That way, you don’t have to worry about not realising when your baby needs attention.

What about other hearing assistance products?

We have a host of other products in the website’s different categories for you to improve your hearing.

Browse our website and find amplified doorbells and alarms, induction loops, TV headphones, and much more.