Piles Auditives Audilo Premium 675 Lot de 10 Plaquettes (Total de 60 ou 120 piles)

Audilo Premium pack of 10 packets of type 675 (PR44) hearing aid batteries (total of 60 batteries)

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Audilo Premium 675 hearing aid batteries with blue tab and zinc air technology

Audilo has launched its own range of hearing aid batteries: Premium batteries for all hearing aids that take the 675 size.

These are the tallest, widest type of hearing aid batteries. They are compatible with any hearing aid that takes size 675 batteries. 

The blue colour code corresponds to battery size 675.

Functions :

Type 675 batteries contain the most zinc and their improved size and shape offer increased power. They are therefore ideal for the newest hearing aids equipped with the latest technology. Today, hearing aids can be connected to all our devices: smartphones, TVs, etc. This uses a lot of energy.

You will receive 60 or 120 hearing aid batteries, depending on whether you choose the classic packets of 6 batteries or the double packets of 12 batteries. They will therefore last for ages, as each 675 battery lasts for 5–6 days, depending on how much you use your hearing aid, its settings and the conditions in your environment.

The packet is easy to handle and ergonomic as it is of excellent quality (especially the wheel). What’s more, the tab used to take the batteries out does not get worn, and the wheel is a good solution for handling the batteries one by one.

How to use :

Pay attention to the polarity of the battery (the - side is the bottom, while the + side is the one with the tab) when inserting it.

Refer to your hearing aid’s manual to insert the battery correctly.

A useful tip: after removing the tab from the hearing aid battery, leave the battery out of the packet and the hearing aid for at least 1 minute.

This wait time is important, as it allows the battery to breathe so that it becomes fully activated (Zinc Air technology).

Our safety recommendations: Do not throw away or swallow. Keep out of reach of children and keep out of contact with other batteries.

The packaging is recyclable but please note that hearing aid batteries must be thrown away in specific battery bins, not in the ordinary bin.

Characteristics :

  • Entirely mercury-free
  • Batteries compliant with CE standards
  • Batteries made in an English factory
  • Available in two formats: Packet of 6 or 12 batteries

What will you receive ?

  • 10 packets of Audilo hearing aid batteries
    • For a total of 60 batteries
New product
Data sheet
Pack of 10
Battery type
Type 675 (blue)
Traditional hearing aid batteries
1.4/1.45 volt
640 mAh
11.6 mm
5.4 mm
Device type
Conformity guarantee

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