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Loop: Music Earplugs

Loop is a Belgian company founded by Maarten Bodewes and Dimitri O. One night after a night out clubbing they came home with ringing ears.
In search of a solution, they then tested more than 25 models, but they weren’t satisfied with any of them.

Maarten wanted to continue to enjoy the atmosphere and ambiance of parties, with the same sound quality which didn’t distort the music, but the worst thing was the way earplugs looked.

This is the reason why they started Loop; the priority is sound quality but also the design so that people want to wear their hearing protectors.

The Loop start-up joined forces with Dynamic Ear Company (Dutch company), a leader in hearing protection, in order to develop the Loop solution.

Loop also collaborated with an American company, 3Dsystems in order to manufacture its earplugs and to 3D print comfortable and appropriate hearing protectors.

The slogan: more fun, less tinnitus; perfectly sums up this young company’s mindset.

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