Audio headphones

On, you will find an extensive selection of audio headphones of all kinds : portable headphones for MP3 players or iPods, Sennheiser HiFi headphones for quality sound when listening to your favourite music, and in-ear earphones, all at affordable prices !
You will also find electronic headphones known as ‘noise-cancelling headphones’.
All the biggest brands are here: Sennheiser (Germany), Tinteo (France)

Active filters

There are also audio headphones available at Audilo:

We sell a wide range of audio headphones for all users. All our audio headphones are comfortable and pleasant to wear.

Most of them contain a filter for outside noise so that you can enjoy your music without being bothered by anything around you.

At Audilo, you will find brands like Sennheiser, Tilde and Thomson, which specialise in amplified audio headphones for senior citizens and people with a hearing impairment.