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Sennheiser Set 860 wireless digital TV headphones set

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Sennheiser Set 860 superior audio quality TV headphones set with complete elimination of echoes and background noise.

The Set 860 TV headphones set is a high-end product which allows you to listen to your TV in optimum conditions with high quality sound.

With three preconfigured profiles and customisation of sound settings, this device will definitely meet your expectations.

Functions :

Guaranteed pleasant listening, with intuitive features including pre-set hearing profiles, increased voice clarity and volume control for each ear. The Set 860 is simple to install and use.

This TV headset by Sennheiser receives crystal clear sound, the improved tone of voices is an impressive function for users whose hearing needs are changing.

The speech intelligibility function reduces the background noise of the television while making the voices stand out, it's incredible. Discover this new way of listening.

Ergonomic design for maximum listening comfort. No pressure on the user’s ears or temples! These earphones are light (less than 70 g) and go underneath the chin (stethoset headset). They don’t apply any pressure on the head and automatically adjust when you put them on. No discomfort when you wear your glasses and they don’t mess your hair up.

Use :

The sophisticated wireless technology guarantees a stable connection with the docking station with a range capable of reaching up to 70 m (great freedom of movement). So, you can move to another room while continuing to listen to your television programme. Up to 18 hours of battery life without charging, your TV headphones set will be with you even during your long viewing sessions. The battery automatically charges as soon as you put the earphones in the docking station. Charges in 3 hours.

There are a few, large and clear buttons. The battery and connection status are indicated by easy-to-read LEDs. The Set 860 automatically switches on and off, to avoid draining the battery unnecessarily.

Three hearing profiles are set: to enhance the sound, speech and music.
Balance control for left/right volume control. Perfect if you have a “weaker” ear
Mono/stereo switch to listen to all the content (left/right) in one ear.
Easy-to-use volume control - volume directly adjustable on the receiver
The charge reminder function (LED) tells you when to charge the receiver - charge directly on the docking station

Characteristics :

  • Dual digital and analogue input
  • 125 decibel output power
  • Range: Up to 70 m
  • Frequency range: 2400 - 2483.5 MHz
  • Max. sound pressure level (SPL) 125 dB at 1 kHz, DHT 3%
  • Digital input connection: optical; analogue input connection: 3.5 mm mini-jack plug
  • Operating battery life: 18 hours
  • Receiver weight (with batteries): ~61 g
  • Power supply: Built-in rechargeable lithium polymer battery
  • Speech intelligibility function makes it possible to reduce the background noise of the television while improving dialogue.
  • Stereo sound directly amplified in the ear.

Made in Germany

What do you receive ?

  • 1 RR 800 stethoset headset receiver with built-in rechargeable lithium polymer battery
  • 1 TR 600 transmitter with charging compartment.
  • 1 Power pack with adapters for Europe, UK, US and Australia
  • 1 TV connection cable for 3.5 mm headset plug, 1.5 m length
  • 1 TV optical cable for digital audio output
  • 1 Pair of small tips (more for the people who can’t cope with the original large cushions)
  • 1 Safety instructions
  • 1 Quick start guide
  • 1 Instructions for use
Data sheet
Tone setting
Headphones type
Stethoscope style
Balance setting (right/left)
24 months

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