Marpac Hushh white noise machine for babies

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Marpac Hushh white noise machine for newborns

White noise is very useful for getting newborns to sleep.

Newborns have been living in their mother’s womb for almost 9 months. They are therefore a little “stressed” by this new environment and all the noise disturbance that results from it.

So white noise allows the baby to soundly plunge back into its mother’s womb and to fall asleep calmly.

It has in fact been proven that 87% of babies with white noise fall asleep in less than 5 minutes compared to 25% without white noise. (Study by Spencer JA, Moran DJ, Lee A, Talbert D. White noise and sleep induction)

The Hushh product is perfect to get your newborn to sleep and above all that they stay asleep thanks to a soothing sound.


Very practical features:

  • A soothing sound to comfort and stimulate the most peaceful sleep cycles for baby.
  • Hides disruptive noises, so you don't have to worry about the baby waking up.
  • Three sound options for sleeping and hiding noise: bright white noise, deep white noise or calm wave noise.
  • Rechargeable USB battery, this means no need for plugging in or batteries!
  • Easy to use and operate with one hand. It also has a flexible clip - take it anywhere by clipping it on.
  • The amber night light provides just enough light to see the baby without waking them up.
  • The lock feature for the control keys stops little fingers from changing the settings!
  • Easily adjust the volume depending on your surroundings (at home or out and about)

How to use:

This product’s competitive advantage is quite clearly its portability and practicality.

In fact, you can attach the sound generator anywhere! This is strengthened by its very light weight: only 120 g.

So you can get your baby to sleep and above all they stay asleep whether you are at home or on the go.
Also, another great advantage is its battery which recharges via USB! No more batteries or wires to wall sockets!
Examples of use:
You can attach to the handle of the pram during your walks or to your infant's cot at home etc.

What do you receive?

  • 1 Hushh white noise machine
  • 1 USB cable for charging
  • 1 User instructions
  • 1 Carrying ring

Loudspeaker Yes
Vibrating No
Warranty 24 months
Category : White noise Brand : Marpac


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