Vibrating baby monitors

Here on, you will find a selection of vibrating baby monitors, with or without video function, so that you can look after your child with complete peace of mind. All the big brands are available: Geemarc (France), Amplicomms (Germany), Philips (Netherlands) and even the famous Lisa systems (Humantechnik).

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Vibrating baby monitor

It can be hard to hear your baby when you have a hearing impairment, so Audilo has put together a selection of baby monitors with a vibrating function, video function, or both.

When your baby wakes up, you will feel vibrations in your pocket thanks to the vibrating baby monitor.

Baby monitors for people with a hearing impairment can also be connected to a vibrating pillow (as well as the vibrating receiver) to wake you up in the night.
You will be woken up by the strong vibrations emitted by the baby monitor, so that you can sleep soundly for the rest of the night.