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Induction loop

An (amplified) induction loop allows people with a hearing impairment to receive the sounds amplified by the loop directly in their hearing aid, if it is equipped with the T position.

Loops may be installed at home (on the television, for example) or in public places (kiosks, reception counters, etc.).You can find a selection of induction loops for all uses here: telephone, television, public assistance, installation in venues...

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Induction loops at Audilo

Induction loops enable hearing aid wearers to hear sounds emitted directly in their hearing aid when it is in the T position.

An induction loop uses a circular cord of a certain size to create a magnetic field, in which all sounds emitted are transmitted to hearing aids in the T position.

Connect the sound source (TV, radio or other) to the induction loop, arrange the loop in the room, put your hearing aid into the T position, and you’re ready to go! You will hear your programme directly in your hearing aid.

Portable induction loops (or counter loops) emit sound up to 1 or 2 metres through magnetic waves and are perfect for counters in various establishments, in order to maintain confidentiality.

Currently, the law requires professionals to equip their premises with an induction loop (accessibility law). They can be found in a host of public places, such as cinemas, city halls, theatres and concert venues.

At Audilo, you will find a selection of portable induction loops to use as a hands-free kit (with ear hooks) to use with smartphones, MP3 players, and other devices.