Etymotic HD15 Amplified Digital Hearing Protectors

Etymotic HD15 Amplified Digital Hearing Protectors (-25 dB)

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Two Etymotic HD15 Earpieces (SNR 25 dB)

The Etymotic HD-15™ electronic hearing protection is a digital earpiece, providing passive hearing protection of 25 dB and also two positions to amplify sounds.
Ideal for the workplace, this hearing protection amplifies and protects against dangerous sounds (>83 dB).


The HD15 earpieces are hearing protectors with a simple and sleek design, specially designed for people working in a noisy environment (manufacturing, tradespeople).

The Etymotic HD15 protectors have unmatched performance, providing security for both sudden noises and continuous noisy environments.
In addition, the earpieces will provide maximum listening comfort thanks to the digital sound quality and amplified sound: you hear sounds in a safe way (such as human voices or various alerts).

The HD15 earpieces also have two channels, accessible from a rod on the earpieces allowing you to switch between two positions (HI and LO). This solution allows your earpieces to adapt in real time to the needs of the sound environment.

Here are the two modes available for the HD15 digital hearing protectors:

  • LO: you can clearly hear natural sounds when you are in a quiet and safe sound environment. You can communicate normally with your team members. When a sound exceeds the tolerance threshold, a 15 dB reduction in noise will be automatically activated and a 25 dB protection will be automatically activated during short and loud sound.
  • HI: the same hearing protection will be activated (either 15 dB or 25 dB depending on the type of noise) but, in addition, it will provide secure amplification of the sound environment up to 30 dB. The result makes it easier to hear voices and instructions, to remain alert to sounds and to work in an open environment while communicating in complete safety.


  • So discreet that they are practically undetectable
  • They provide high fidelity (HD) digital amplification
  • 2 modes for 2 uses of the earpieces
  • Loud sounds are not amplified
  • The amplifiers send a signal when the battery is flat
  • Long-lasting battery (10 to 12 days)


Inserting the listening amplifiers:

Carefully insert the hearing protectors while pulling the ear up and out.
Insert it by rotating until the protector plugs the ear canal and the outside noise is blocked.

Removing the listening amplifiers:

Remove the protectors with a slow rotating motion to gently unblock the canal. Do not pull on the cord to take the protectors out.

For impeccable hygiene, clean the silicone tips of your electronic protectors every time you have worn them, with the help of the cleaning brush included in your purchase.

To use your HD15 digital industry protection, choose the type of tips and position them on your Etymotic earpieces.

  • Open the battery drawer and insert the supplied hearing aid battery (after removing the tab and waiting 30 seconds to activate the hearing aid battery).
  • Close the battery drawer to activate the earpiece.
  • Place the earpiece in your ears.
  • You can choose between two positions (HI or LO)

How long does the battery last?

The type 10 battery will last for 10 days

The Etymotic HD15 protectors are ideal for:

  • Carpenters
  • Construction workers
  • Mechanics
  • Foremen
  • Tradespeople
  • Boilermaker
  • Sculptors
  • Welders
  • Lumberjacks

What do you receive?

  • 1 Pair of digital HD15 hearing protectors
  • 1 Assortment of compatible tips in different shapes (7 pairs of tips)
  • 1 Detachable retaining cord
  • 1 Cleaning tool with brush
  • 1 Hearing aid battery (# 10 zinc-air)
  • 1 Storage box
Data sheet
Noise reduction
High (25–30 dB)
Ear plugs
Building work
Use as ear plugs
Conformity guarantee

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